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This is a self-made route of 1184Km covering four countries (Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria), three capital cities (Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest), two rivers (the Morava from Olomouc to Bratislava, the Danube from Bratislava to Budapest and again from Bratislava to Vienna) and two large lakes (Balaton, Neusiedlersee).

The plan was to cycle the distance in 17 days (average 70Km/day) and to rest for 4 days in Győr, Hévíz, Hegykő (near Sopron) and Breitenbrunn (on the Neusiedlersee). In reality, we cycled 1293Km in 17 days (average 76Km/day) and rested 4 days in Győr, Hévíz, Hegykő and Vienna. Differences between the plan and the reality are explained below.

The Good, the bad and the ugly

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  1. GPX data for the campsite waypoints:
  2. GPX data for the entire route:
  3. GPX data for our track (what we actually cycled):
  4. XLS file of the itinerary:

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The Romantic Road (German: Romantische Straße) is … the stretch of highway in southern Germany (in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg), between Würzburg and Füssen. This region is thought by many international travellers to possess “quintessentially” German scenery and culture. (Quoted from Wikipedia.)

Bikeline‘s estimate of the distance is 428Km, though we did 505Km (the differences due to diversions and wrong turns with subsequent backtracking) in 8.5 days, which is an average of 59Km/day.

Here’s a map from OpenStreetMap overlaid with our track using tools available at Wandern mit GPS‘s web site:




  1. We did it in the reverse direction so as to go slightly downhill instead of slightly uphill,
  2. Either at Wenkheim or on the outskirts of Wuerzburg head for the camping site at Randsacker (see Downloads below).


  1. GPX data for the campsite waypoints: romantischestrasse2010-waypoints-camps.gpx
  2. GPX data for diversions listed above: romantischestrasse2010-route-deviations.gpx
  3. GPX data for our track (what we actually cycled): romantischestrasse2010-track-20100430TO20100508.gpx
  4. XLS file of the itinerary: romantischestrasse-itinerary.xls

Notes on downloads

  1. in the itinerary, the camp waypoints suffixed with * (e.g. camp19*) are the ones we planned to stay at; any suffixed with + (e.g. camp20+) are second choices,
  2. in the itinerary, diversions off the main route which we did not do (e.g. to scenic spots we didn’t visit and campsites we didn’t stay at), do not affect the total distances shown because their outward stage length is offset by an anullment (the beginnings of such diversions are not readily apparent in the above table, but are in the XLS download below),
  3. in the itinerary, campsite homepages are listed where I could find them; a more general directory of European campsites is available here.

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